Triangle Theory

Most leather day bags are either square, rectangular or curved, but why not triangular, too?

I didn’t realize I had yet to see Balenciaga‘s Pre-Fall 2017 collection until I saw it staring at me as a new addition to the runway section of Vogue UK’s website, but like several other brands—Chloé and Céline among them—have opted to do in recent seasons, Balenciaga has kept this between-seasons line under wraps until it’s time for it to debut in stores. And, as in seasons past, designer Demna Gvasalia has thought outside the box, but this time in a literal sense: all of the new bag styles are triangular.

The bags, like much of Gvasalia’s creative output, are a little awkward to look at, which is part of the point. The more I looked, though, the more my eye adjusted, especially to the smaller crossbody styles. That’s how innovation in fashion works, though: after the immediate resistance has subsided, you find a piece that starts to make sense, and then you find your way in. I’m not quite there on the satchels, but who knows how I’ll feel in a couple months. Check out the handbags from the lookbook below and shop these bags right now via Balenciaga for $675 to $2,150.